• Bills of Cost : Preparation
    It has become common, and in fact essential, that legal practitioners turn to Legal Cost Consultants to deal with the function of preparing Bills of Cost. Prior to presenting a bill of cost for taxation purposes, both Party-and-Party bill and Attorney-and-Client bill are completed in adherence to the requirements of the Court Rules. At VTH Consultants we specialize in the […]
  • Opposing Bills
    In reality, not all cases are won. In such instances, the losing party will most likely be faced with a legal bill of cost aimed at reimbursing the winning party for costs incurred in litigation. Of course, the losing party has the right to inspect and/or object to any charge appearing on such a bill of cost. As opposing a […]
  • Attending Taxation
    At VTH we Attend and Arrange Taxations. VTH Consultants can attend Taxations in the Magistrate’s Courts and Arbitration Forum and assist Attorneys with Taxations in the High Court and Labour Court. VTH Consultants can also negotiate settlement of Bill of Costs directly with the Road Accident Fund or the relevant parties. VTH Consultants will also draft Bill of Costs in the Attorney’s […]
  • Liability Claims
    Dog Bites. There have lately been a lot of news articles regarding children, elderly people and the public in general that have been mauled by vicious dogs. Homeowners should, therefore, be aware that they can attract liability and if you own a dog that protects your premises, always make sure that your dog is inside your premises and that you […]
  • Negligence Related Cases
    Case Law: Stop Signs Case study: X has the right of way and entered and entered an intersection and Y collided with his left hand side. Y drove over a stop street. On the same facts, X collided with the right hand side of Y. Legal principles: Y may only pull away if it is safe and he has sufficient […]
  • Stopping Distances and Reaction Time
    40km/h 11m 8.5 50km/h 14m 13 60km/h 17m 19 70km/h 19.5m 26 80km/h 22m 35.5 90km/h 25m 42.5 100km/h 28m 52.5 110km/h 31m 63.5 120km/h 33.5m 75.5                     The above stopping distances are under normal circumstances, that is… good road condition and the vehicle’s brakes are in good working order. Reaction […]
  • Quantum Related Case Law
    1. Fracture of pelvis Muller v RAF 2008 JOL 21251 (SE) Judgment Date: 30 / 10 / 2007   The plaintiff, who was born on 26 July 1981, was a passenger in a motor vehicle bearing registration numbers, CRY 884 EC when that vehicle collided with the insured vehicle (motor vehicle CHW 138 EC) in Uitenhage. He sustained a severe […]